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Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

New Year was lit by a full moon last night, casting it’s cold silvery glow down on us mortals below.  The strong winds kept the clouds scudding across the sky, whipping the branches of the tall trees back and forth. 


Six of us sat up in  Don and Pamela’s awning to see the New Year in.   In the far reaches of the camp a lone guitarist hooked up with multiple amplifiers belted out songs for the private party taking place down at the Lodge.  He sounded pretty good to us, especially when he played my very special favourite song, “Ten Guitars”.  “Pop” went the cork from the bottle of bubbly and we drank each other’s health and wished good things for the coming year, wondering what 2010 would bring to us all.

P1010329 All lit up to guide us home after celebrating New Year

We wish all our friends and readers a Happy New Year, may you all be safe, happy and healthy.

1 comment:

Dee Soden said...

Ah, fond memories of 10 Guitars.
At a party in Auckland when that sone first came out.
It was the only record they had.