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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Last Supper

I had my last supper way back on Sunday night – and very nice it was too.  Roast chicken and oven baked chips.   That was followed with a day of clear liquids only, then I had to swallow vast quantities of foul tasting liquids.  All this was because of my forthcoming “procedure”.

Handy hint number 1:  Toss back each glass full as quick as you can then pop a glucose barley sugar in your mouth take that awful taste away.

Handy hint number 2:  Don’t sneeze or cough once it is working!

Muffy decided to show her solidarity by not eating either.  She sat in front of her bowl steadfastly refusing to eat.  I like to think she was saying to me, “If you can’t eat I won’t either”.  In reality, she is probably saying,”I don’t like that, get me something else!”.

DSCF2491 Muffy isn’t eating either

Today was the day of the procedure and I am pleased to report that everything went well.  No nasty surprises lurking around, only a couple of little imperfections that were soon snared and removed.  Robin is in charge of the evening meal tonight and the decision has been made for him to go down to “The Local Roast” and bring back roast pork dinners for two, with extra crackle. That should perk me up no end.  Then I  might need an early night to get over all the excitement of the last couple of days!  

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Lissa Jane said...

sounds like a busy day Jenny! Your pussy cat looks a bit like my pussy cat (cept ours doesn't have socks) :O)

take care and Phew on getting the all clear!