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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The No’s Have it!

I wasn’t required at work today, which suited me just fine as I had to attend a hospital appointment.  Passing Avalon Park on the way down, these colourful “Smiling Windmills” were standing tall and proud.  They were designed by Leon van den Eijkel, who, as a boy growing up in Holland, recalled that life was exciting and full of joy.  “Nature played with us”, he states, “the clouds, the rain, the wind, and the sea.”  Being an island nation, we have plenty of wind here in New Zealand to keep these smiling windmills whizzing around.

DSCF2512 The Smiling Windmills at Avalon Park

My pre-assessment interview went well.  Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc, etc, etc?   No, no, no, I replied.  What medicines are you on?  None. Do you smoke or drink?  No and no again.  By this time my sheet was filled with all these no's, and the nurse must have thought I was a real “goody goody two shoes”.  Then I had my blood pressure taken, no trouble with that.  I have to go back again next week for a procedure.  You don’t really want to know what it is.  But it involves drinking vast quantities of foul tasting liquid.  Which they packed up and gave me to take home.  Lucky old me!


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