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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dining out by the Sea Side

Wonder if any restaurants are open for dinner on New Year’s Day?  Luckily one of our favourites down on the sea front at Raumati Beach was, so we made a booking and took ourselves off to dine at the Waterfront Brasserie Raumati.  Unfortunately the weather was much too cold and blustery to sit outside but we still enjoyed good sea views inside the restaurant from the windows.


All that salty air gave us three of us a taste for fish for dinner.  My groper, also known as hapuka, was delicious and moist, served with  a lemon sauce.  Kathryn and Graeme chose beer battered fish, and Robin was the odd man out and went with steak and mushrooms.  No, we certainly didn’t need dessert, but did that stop us?  Of course not.  We managed to consume our crème Brule, apple crumble, and an ice cream sundae with no trouble at all.  It seems that none of us has yet made a New Year’s Resolution about watching our weight!



The view from the restaurant window


The sea was grey, the day was windy, and Kapiti Island brooded in the background off the coast.  A few hardy souls were well wrapped up down on the beach walking their dogs.  We were however nice and comfortable in the cosy restaurant enjoying our meal in good company.

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