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Friday, 1 August 2008

Last chance Lotto

We had one lonely little Lotto ticket to be checked and/or cashed in so took it in today. This was to be our last chance to win some extra holiday funds. In fact, we had fantasised about having a big win then contacting the Travel Agent to upgrade our "cattle class" tickets to "business class". Sadly it was not to be. Never mind, we will just join all the other happy travellers next Wednesday when we board the various flights, (we have three) in Economy class.

We will be pleased to escape all this awful weather we have been experiencing, there has been another country wide storm hot on the heels of last weekend's one. More flooding, landslips, power outages, high winds ripping roofs off houses, you name it, New Zealand has had it.

All the staff at Jenny's place of work were told to report to work several hours later the other day as a section of the roof had lifted and was blown across the property. The road was closed while the damage was assessed and repairs started. The builders were up on the roof all day, replacing the sheets of roofing iron and then no doubt checking all the others for signs of lifting.

Repairing wind damage

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