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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Two Museums today.

First visit was to the wonderful Victoria and Albert Museum, chock full of wonderful treasures. The main focus was for Jenny to see the Textile Gallery. There were many samples of embroidery, lacework and woven fabrics on display, able to be pulled out and examined in double sided glass frames. Of particular interest were the wonderfully old medieval embroideries on show. We had a quick look around some of the other areas but there was so much to see we couldn't do it justice in the time available. We had noticed some damage to the outside stone walls and enquired about it. The guide informed us that the British Museum across the street was badly damaged during the war and the pock marks we noticed were caused by flying debris when the building across the road exploded .

Victoria & Albert Museum

We then took another couple of tube trips which were packed full of soccer supporters going to see their favourite teams, what a job we had squeezing on and off the tubes!! Our next call was to the London Canal Museum. This told the story of the canals of London and the lives of the people who worked on them. The museum told of the gradual decline of many canals, and how a small group of people started a society to bring the canals back into use again. (As our next adventure will be aboard a narrow boat we thought we should do a little research).

London Canal Museum - Battlebridge Basin

St Pancras Church was our next stop. One of Robin's ancestors may have had some association with this church before emigrating to New Zealand. He had hoped to find out some information but the church was locked up tight.

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