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Monday, 25 August 2008

Llangollen Town

Llangollen looked a picture today. The bridge over the River Dee is festooned with large hanging baskets of colourful flowers and flags fluttered in the breeze. Tourists and holiday makers amble along the narrow streets, looking in the shop windows and enjoying the sunshine. We found a a very popular shop selling Welsh icecream, rich and creamy. Honeycomb icecream sounded just the thing - what could be nicer than enjoying our icecreams while watching the world go by.

Llangollen from the town bridge

After purchasing a few necessary groceries we came to the Hand Hotel. A black board menu offered a Sunday Roast. Shall we, shan't we? Why not, we decided. We climbed some stairs to the elegantly old fashioned dining room. Heavy burgundy curtains framed the windows and chandeliers hung from the ceiling . The choice of roasts were beef, pork and turkey, Yorkshire puddings and a nice selection of vegetables. The meal was delicious and reasonably priced. We won't need a big evening meal after this.

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