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Friday, 8 August 2008


You know you're in a foreign country when the breakfast buffet menu offer such delicacies as pickled lettuce, braised peanuts and mee gorang. Luckily there was bacon, eggs and pancakes on offer as well.

Our first impressions of Singapore are humidity, high rise buildings, and an extensive rebuilding programme. So far we have enjoyed two tours. The first being the Night Safari Tour which took place amidst thunder, lightening and a torrential downpour. We were very impressed with the number of nocturnal animals we spotted. Then today we enjoyed a City Tour. This took in a visit to the Merlion, a Chinese Temple, the Orchid Gardens and finished at Little India.

The main God at the Chinese Temple

We then did a flight on the Singapore Flyer, discovered the Fountain of Wealth - let's hope that it works for us.

Aboard the Singapore Flyer

Jenny has been busy buying a few souvenirs, and Robin is now sporting a new Singapore cap to keep the sun off his head.

We hope to visit Raffles and Santosa Island tomorrow, which is our last day here. Then we have our 13 hour flight to England, departing at 11.30pm, so hopefully we will sleep most of the way over.

London - here we come.

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