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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Llangollen - The Barn to Blake Mere

Winding up one lift bridge was the only onerous part of today's travel. Prees Branch wandered off to the left and wends through a nature reserve. We however kept on the Lllangollen and had a very picturesque ride, gliding peacefully along with thick woods on either side of the canal. We passed over Hampton Bank which carries the canal 30 feet above a river and we looked down onto farmland below. Several canoeists paddled downstream enjoying the brisk morning's conditions.

We moored up reasonably early at Blake Mere for the day. The "No Fishing" signs on the lakefront means that Derek won't be getting his fishing rod out. We enjoyed 4zees outside at a very convenient picnic table on the towpath right outside the boat until the rain sent us back inside. A cheeky little squirrel appeared as soon as we had gone, looking for crumbs from our chippies.

Robin and Derek enjoying a beer at Blake Mere

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