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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Another day, another Palace

Today we went to visit Hampton Court. After two short tube trips we arrived at the huge Waterloo Station. There we purchased train tickets for South West Rail for the 30 minute or so trip to Hampton Court. This turned out to be a real bonus as the ticket seller told us our rail tickets entitled us to 2 for 1 entry tickets.

Hampton Court Palace

As Jenny is an avid "Tudorphile" this visit was on the must-see list. Here was the place that Cardinal Wolsey lived in and expanded, until it was taken over by Henry VIII. Here was the great clock, a marvel in it's time 500 years ago and still going strong. And here Henry lived, his son Edward was christened in the Chapel Royal, he divorced Anne of Cleves here, Catherine Howard's ghost is supposedly seen and heard upstairs, and lastly Henry married his 6th and last wife Kathryn Parr in the Chapel Royal.

Astronomical Clock

We visited the huge Tudor kitchens where cooks laboured to feed 600 a day. We marvelled at the wonderful tapestries, and the beautiful paintings and the stone steps worn down with countless feet. Part of Hampton Court was refurbished for later monarchs, but we both loved the older Tudor parts best. It was a thrill to see this slice of history.

The Great Fountain Garden

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