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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

2 Days on the Llangollen

A black London taxi ride, a high speed Virgin train ride from Euston to Crewe, followed by a suburban ride to Wrenbury, and there waiting to welcomed us were Dot and Derek from Narrowboat Gypsy Rover. It was time for our Llangollen Canal adventure.

We travelled a couple of hours on Monday, under bridges and getting our first taste of locks. Waking to a drizzle on Tuesday, the rain kept up all morning as we went through the three Grindley Brook Locks, closely followed by the Grindley Brook Staircase. We passed several canal side shops and cafes, one even offering internet access for travellers. Just past the turnoff to Whitbridge we came to three lift bridges, a new experience.

The weather finally cleared and we went for a walk along the towpath, following a sign to a farmhouse selling ice creams. Young calves were resting in the paddock with their mothers, and the farm was guarded by a couple of geese who kept their beady eyes on us.

Other wildlife glimpsed was a frog who gave Dot quite a fright when he hopped out in front of her. Baby ducks cuddled up to mother duck on the grassy bank. And we saw some mole hills dotted around a garden, the owner was not happy at all about their visit she told us.

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