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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Almost time to go!!

The days are rushing by and things are getting frantic!! The lists are getting checked and there still seems so much to do. Never mind, by Tuesday night it must all be done, as we head away bright and early on Wednesday morning for our BIG OE.

Weather wise, we are still getting lots of rain. We heard on the radio news today that there have been 20 land slips in Wellington alone, wonder how many slips there have been throughout the whole country. EQC and the Insurance companies will certainly have a busy time with claims from slips and flooding.

The local bird life doesn't seem to mind all the rain. We have noticed ducks having a fine old time in the flooded grassed areas, perhaps all the worms have been flushed from underground and make a tasty duck snack. And we spotted all these blackbirds singing their hearts out in this large tree as dusk was falling.

Blackbirds at dusk

We are pleased to report that grand-daughter Megan has been discharged from hospital and is now home recuperating. But there is another member of the family currently in hospital. Robin's Mum is recovering from major surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery.

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