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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

One more sleep to go

Here we are on the eve of departure frantically packing our suitcases. We have finally ticked off everything on our long list. We had to pack swimsuits and sun hats for Singapore, warm tops for the fickle English Summer, maps, cameras, films, diary, notebook and pens, a book each to read in case we have some spare time, and still find room to squeeze some clothes in. Not to mention a few packets of Surprise Peas for our friends on Narrowboat Gypsy Rover, it seems that this New Zealand delicacy is unobtainable in Good Old Blighty. We think we've remembered everything.

Our Birman cat Muffy was delivered to the Cattery today for her own 9 week holiday. "We'll send a postcard to you both", Jenny informed the lady of the establishment, who looked rather amused at this comment. Surely all other cat owners do this?

It's going to be a long day tomorrow. The alarm clock will be set for 5.00am as we must be out the door at 6.15am to get two buses to take us in to Wellington Airport. Our first flight is to Auckland in the morning, on to Sydney in the early afternoon, then finally our last flight of the day is to Singapore, arriving there at 11.30pm. According to our travel documents "we will be met at Singapore Airport by a representative of the Hotel who will be holding a board with our names on it". Well, won't we feel important with a greeting like this!

Holiday time has finally arrived, Singapore, here we come.

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