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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Birmingham City

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK - that must be why it seems so very busy. We came here to meet up with Jenny's quilting penfriend Margaret and her partner Trevor.

One of the things on our "must do" list was a trip to Coventry Cathedral, and Margaret and Trevor accompanied us there. The stone walls remaining from the war time bombing raid in 1940 stand proud and solemn, it is certainly a very spiritual place. Surprisingly the tower and spire of the Cathedral escaped unharmed. The morning after the raid, a charred cross was made by tying together two partially burnt oak beams from the roof, this became the symbol that Coventry Cathedral would once again rise from the ashes.

Coventry Cathedral

The new Cathedral was consecrated in 1962 and the modern design complements the poignant remains of the old. The striking stained glass windows are best viewed by looking back through the building. Local needle workers crafted over 2000 tapestry cushions of various designs, surely a labour of love. We had looked forward to viewing Coventry Cathedral and were moved by the beauty of the new set against the tranquility of the old.

Nearby was the Coventry Transport Museum which houses a huge collection of cars, truck and bicycles which have been produced in Coventry over the years. If you are like Jenny, you may have been worried that the double decker bus you are riding in may topple over going around a corner. Worry no more. We discovered that all such buses undergo a "Tilt Test" and must be able to achieve a tilt of 28 degrees without mishap.

1950's Vanguard Car & 1930's Eccles Caravan

Robin was surprised at the number of different vehicles manufactured in Coventry including Peugeot's. He even saw a representation of the motor scooter he once owned, Triumph Tigress 250. A very extensive museum, a must for all to see if in Coventry, and it is free!

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