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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Cinderella On Ice

How about an afternoon playing hooky from work and a free ticket to see the show "Cinderella on Ice"? That's the exciting prospect that Jenny had.

It happened like this. Jenny had a phone call from the Cancer Support Group facilitator who said that the Cancer Society had been offered free tickets to a matinee of the show. "I can't go", was Jenny's initial reaction, "I have to go to work". Then she thought, "Why not, what a wonderful opportunity". So she arranged to have the afternoon off work, and car pooled with three other ladies to drive into the big city.

The Imperial Ice Stars are a group of 23 Olympic, European and World Championship skaters. The well known story of Cinderella has been modernised and has extra characters included in this spectacle. As well as the glorious skating there is a little of the "Circe de Soiel" with an amazing display of twisting, turning, hanging up side down on a length of fabric. The skating, the costumes, the effortless lifts, it was all amazing to watch.

Imagine Irish dancing on skates. First the lead man, Prince Charming does his Irish jig, then Cinderella joins him, then character after character until there is a long line of Russian skaters across the stage doing their version of Irish dancing on ice, absolutely wonderful to watch!!

Thanks to the generosity of the producer of this show many cancer survivors, and cancer volunteers had the opportunity to have a magical afternoon enjoying a top class show.

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