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Sunday, 20 July 2008

A Weekend in the Country

This weekend we travelled with our caravan to stay at "The Manor", the country property of our friends Geoff and Eileen. Robin had to back the caravan down the long driveway, once he had cleared the gate posts it as no trouble at all. Our hosts had a full house as their son, two grand-children and dog were also visiting. Little Katelynn was right on the ball when she announced that we were all "having a sleepover" at Nan and Pops place.

"The Manor"

Friday night's rain came with us on Saturday as we travelled further north to the Manawatu to visit our own family, daughter Nicky, son-in-law Robert and grand-daughter Megan, at their small farm. It may have been pouring with rain outside, but the cats Murray and Fanta were in the best place curled up right up beside the crackling fire. Horses are a way of life to this family and they spend a lot of their time competing in various horse events.

Robert in his horse truck

Murray & Fanta

On Sunday morning we took over Eileen's kitchen and whipped up a Sunday breakfast of bacon and eggs for everyone, which was much appreciated. We said our goodbyes, hooked up and drove off home in even more rain.

All this rain must be good for something. The farmers certainly appreciate it, and Geoff and Eileen's water tanks are full to overflowing.

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