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Sunday, 6 July 2008

There's Snow on them there Hills

Snow on Mount Climie

It's weather conditions like this that has us looking forward to our trip away in 4 weeks time to sunnier climes!! What a weekend we have had. Snow fell down to low altitudes over a large part of the country, bringing freezing temperatures, rain and sleet. A good weekend to stay indoors.
The bad weather didn't put the All Blacks off their game. They played the Springboks at Wellington Stadium last night, which is fondly known to locals as "The Cake Tin". The All Blacks soundly beat the Springboks in appalling conditions by 19 - 8. Robin spent his Saturday evening warm and cozy in front of the TV barracking for the home side, while Jenny was busy at the sewing machine making a bag to take away on holiday.
Let's hope the weather improves for our caravan rally next weekend.

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