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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tickets in hand!!!

We are one step closer to the Big OE now that we have collected our various tickets from the lovely Petra of House of Travel. However, air tickets certainly aren't what they used to be. In the past we remembered getting a little folder of flimsy carbonised tickets that the check in people ripped off one at at time. You had to hope that there was the final one left remaining in the booklet so that you could get home again after the holiday. These days E-Tickets are the norm, which is just a sheet of paper printed with all sorts of airport and airlines codes and dates. Certainly not as romantic as having the actual tickets in your hot little hands!!

We also received our vouchers for hotel accommodation and various transfer tickets to and from the airports. And a handy little booklet outlining our whistle stop coach tour of Niagara Falls and Washington DC. Things are certainly moving along quickly now.

Today it is damp, rainy and cold enough to need the heating on here at home so we are really looking forward to some exotic Singapore sunshine followed by an English Summer. We'll be on our way in 20 days!!

Tickets in hand

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Derek and Dot said...

What english summer? havent seen it yet, forecasts not promising either. Bring some with you.