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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Wrangling the Rotisserie

Christmas mince pies were handed around for Saturday morning tea at Koputaroa, and very nice they were too.  Then it was time to work those mince pies off and take part in a few games on the back lawn.  The disc bowls were flying through the air as Glenys and Dot club battled it out while the judge looked on.

Glenys and Dot, with Derek adjudicating

Quoits were next, and I can attest that it is not as easy as it looks.  Dot and Derek  try their luck at this game.

Dot and Derek fling quoits

After lunch it was time to get the BBQ fired up again and cook the rolled loin of hogget.  Poor old Don had suffered a mishap so couldn’t attend to this very important job  – but he gave plenty of advice and our blokes rallied around to wrangle the rotisserie and cook the meat for the evening meal.  The long piece of meat was threaded on the spit, but didn’t seem to be turning properly.  The consensus was that it needed to be re-threaded.  Luckily SIL Nick was there to lend a hand.  Oh dear – the operation reminded me of Lance Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army who used to say “they don’t like it up em”.  With everyone holding on for grim death, you would think that the meat was still alive and kicking.

How many men does it take to hold a loin of hogget?

With the meat back on the rod, and a few adjustments made to the rotisserie, various checks made to make sure it was turning evenly, the blokes could sit back and relax for the next couple of hours.  Beer and nibbles made the waiting game easy.

Crisis over, relaxing in the garage

And it was worth waiting for – just look at that meat, crispy skinned, smelling delicious, and perfectly cooked.  All they had to do now was take it off the BBQ, remove the rod, and carefully carry it inside.

It smelt as good as it looked

The tables were set in the conservatory, and while Dennis sliced the meat, and Sandra made a huge jug of gravy.  Everyone arrived with their contributions of vegetables, salads and desserts for the meal.  By the look of the side table groaning with food, we won’t be going hungry.

Almost ready for our Christmas Dinner

And what a meal it was – a real joint effort with everyone helping out.  As for the desserts, pavlova with home grown raspberries,  fruit salad, trifle, ambrosia, and we can’t forget that wonderful Christmas Pudding – no wonder we left the table full to bursting!

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Janice said...

Yum. You have me fairly drooling reading about your lunch