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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Just to keep the Neighbors talking

Living in our village, as we do, there is always plenty going on close by.  Not that we are nosy, of course, but you just can’t help noticing.  Visitors come and go, and sadly, because this is a lifestyle/retirement village, ambulances come with regular monotony.  And we gave the neighbours something to talk about several days ago when an ambulance came calling to our home.
Parked outside our door

Robin had been feeling off colour for several days, so I rang the doctor’s surgery to hopefully get an urgent appointment.  But when I mentioned “chest pain” they insisted I ring 111 for an ambulance – so I did.  The ambulance arrived very promptly, checked him out and then whisked him away, leaving me to follow in the car.

The Emergency Department staff were wonderful, and soon had him hooked up to monitors, took blood, doctors and nurses came and went, and later in the day he was sent upstairs to the Assessment Ward.  After a very noisy and interrupted overnight stay, he was then sent for a treadmill Stress Test. 

The good news is that he didn’t suffer a heart attack, and there was no sign of angina, so the chest pain was unexplained.  We are so grateful for the medical care received, and realise, that had his heart been damaged as first thought, we could well be facing quite a different Christmas altogether.

As Robin says – he has passed his Warrant of Fitness, and has a document to prove it!


Marilyn McDonald said...

Good to know he has a current WOF, Jenny. Reflux instead of heart, perhaps?
Came past your place yesterday on SH57, and wondered how you both are - now I know!
Take care, Marilyn

Bernice said...

Wow, such a fright for you but pleased all is well and you can have a Merry Christmas,

Tom and Jan said...

Nice to have confirmation that Robin actually has a heart! :-)

Stay well Robin.....

Janice said...

What a relief that It was nothing sinister for Robin.

Paul and El said...

Nice result xx

Jenny and Robin said...

Thanks all for your kind wishes. I can tell you it gave me a good fright.


NickiJ said...

Always good to have a WOF and a ride in an ambulance. Scary at the time no doubt, but great to hear Robin is AOK.