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Saturday, 31 December 2016

More Arrivals at Foxton

More and more caravans and campers have been arriving at the Drop In rally at Foxton Beach School, just in time for the New Year festivities.  They have been rolling in, finding a good place, and settling down in little groups of friends around the school grounds.  It will be interesting to find out the final count.  I climbed up the rise to get a better view and tried the panoramic setting on the camera to get all the vans in.


Household chores are minimal while camping – do the dishes, make the bed, shake the mats outside.  There is no water available here so Robin brought along a large container to top up our supplies.  To to make the job easier he used his secret weapon, his battery operated submersible pump.  It works wonderfully well, and saves the previous job of lifting a heavy container up and trying to pour the water through a funnel into the tank.

Making short work of topping up the water

Caravan friends Dave and Rae are staying at a camp around the corner, and have biked around to catch up with our group.  They kindly invited us to join them for a meal at the nearby Bowling Club restaurant last night.  We all jumped at the chance to have an night off from cooking duties.  And the prices are very reasonable too.


Dinner at the Bowling Club

The evening was so mild that we sat outside on our return, enjoying the pleasant conditions.  This is the life!

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