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Friday, 16 December 2016

Menz Shed Christmas BBQ

The ladies were invited along to the end of the year Menz Shed Christmas BBQ.  We weren’t too sure if the BBQ would be taking place, as torrential rain fell all morning.  But just like magic, the skies cleared, the sun came out, and everything was looking good in the afternoon for the BBQ.  The blokes gathered under the pergola and presumably spoke about secret Menz Shed business, well away from the ladies.


And the hostess took me inside their home to look at her extensive doll collection.


Just some of the doll collection

The BBQ was fired up and the blokes got busy cooking up a storm.  A whole pile of sausages were sizzling away, together with meat patties and chicken kebabs.  Soon the hungry hordes were lining up to fill their plates with barbecued delights, and a great selection of salads.  Followed by a plentiful selection of desserts.  The noise level dropped considerably, as it does, while everyone concentrated on eating their dinner.

Alan and Brian – the men in charge

After our meal there was some serious business – presentation of the “Shedder of the Year”.  The award went to John, a lovely unassuming man who wasn’t expecting this honour in the least.

John was Shedder of the Year

The local Menz Shed is a haven for blokes to potter about, try their hand on some of the machines, and socialize.  But they also undertake community projects and have been working hard over the last few months making sturdy wooden toys for children who would otherwise go without at Christmas.  Over 70 toys, wooden trucks, spinning tops, pencil holders, buses and trolleys have rolled off the work benches.  “Building them was the easy part”, spokesman Paul reported to the local paper, “it’s the finishing and painting which takes the most time”.  These gaily painted gifts will bring joy to deserving  local children.  

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Janice said...

Men's Sheds are a wonderful concept aren't they. Your Christmas party sounded great.