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Friday, 2 December 2016

A Super Year for our Super Leisure Group

As the year is coming to a close, Christmas outings for our various groups are coming thick and fast.  Jan was tasked with organizing our final SLG (Super Leisure Group) outing for the year.  No trouble, she decided, she booked a table for an early Christmas lunch in a swanky hotel in Wellington.  But……… a couple of weeks ago New Zealand was rocked by a huge earthquake.  Some buildings in Wellington city were damaged and had been cordoned off from traffic, although there was no damage to the hotel we were to go for our lunch.  But niggardly doubts crept in, the “what if” thoughts surfaced, maybe there will be another earthquake and we will be trapped in the central city, and it just seemed better to stay away.

So the plans were changed, and our Christmas get-together was to be held at Jan and John’s home.  They would provide a turkey and a chicken along with stuffing, new potatoes, carrots, and gravy, and the rest of us were asked to bring specific items for the meal. We arrived in good time, but some of the others were caught up in traffic delays and road closures after an accident in the Hutt Valley.  But everyone eventually arrived, safe and sound, with their stories of diversions, long delays and slow traffic. 

Christmas had arrived at our hosts home, the decorated tree was in the corner,and Christmas carols were softly playing to set the mood.  The living room had been transformed with beautifully set tables and delicious smells were permeating from the kitchen.  We had plenty of time to chat, eat some nibbles and catch up with everyone’s news and recent travel tales.  The tables had been arranged in a “T” shape, just like a wedding party, we decided.  And why not – Jan and John had a Silver Wedding to celebrate.  They sat at the top table with Trish, their "bridesmaid for the day".

Hosts Jan and John, with Trish

The rest of us sat at the lower table, and we all pulled our crackers, and donned our silly hats.  Then tucked in to a wonderful meal.

Jenny, Calvin, Helen, Yvonne, Ashley and Robin

It’s a time for reminiscing too, and look back at what we have done, and where we have been with our SLG friends over the year.  Sadly we had to miss a few outings because of health issues, and then our Aussie Adventure trip took us away for nearly a month.  But we fondly remember our visits to:  
Lego Exhibition, Deer Story Museum, Kahutara Taxidermy Gallery, Owlcatraz, Shannon Railway Museum, Ukulele Institute concert, and Shapeshifters sculpture exhibition.  And all the morning teas and café lunches which were part and parcel of our group outings.

We shared celebrations and commiserations too during the year.  We helped John celebrate his 70th birthday in January, and the group offered their sympathy when we lost our beloved cat Muffy in May.  Several of us have had a bumpy year with our health, others have lost friends or family, and we can rely on the group for comfort and support.

As reported, our year of get-togethers has finished on a high note, with a wonderful early Christmas dinner, complete with turkey and plum pudding.  What better way to finish the year!

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