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Friday, 23 December 2016

It’s a Jungle out there

It’s Friday, and we wanted to get the last minute shopping done.  There is no way, I told Robin, that we should be out and about the shops with crowds of people on Christmas Eve.  Long gone are the days when we were at work all day, and had to squeeze the shopping in on the way home from work, or even worse, in the evenings.

Strawberries were top of the list and we like to get these from “Shirley’s”.  But the rain came down in a deluge during the night, and we wondered how that would affect the picking.  Luckily there were plenty of these luscious summer fruits available, and there were also plenty of customers queued up ready to buy their Christmas strawberries.  They are essential summer eating with a bowl of ice-cream, or on top of a pavlova.

Strawberries from Shirley’s Strawberry Patch

Fresh vegetables were next on our list, and we drove into our local market garden shop, “Garden of York”.  Once again, the place was packed, and we patiently waited till a car park became available.  Into the trolley went lettuce, tomatoes and avocado for salads, cauli, broccoli, fresh peas and beans for Christmas lunch, and some fruit.  The queues curled right around the shop and almost out the door – we had never seen so many people!  Looks like they all had the same idea as us, shop on Friday and leave Saturday free for other things.

Garden of York

Lastly we had a quick trip in and out of the supermarket, as fast as we could.  Not much was needed here, milk and cream, but I couldn’t resist a box of cherries.  As we went through the self service checkout, we noticed some cash left behind in the change dispenser.  So my good deed of the day was to race after the elderly lady who was in front of us, and hand her back her money.  There was no way I could let her go home without her cash, and as she thanked me, she admitted that she had forgotten all about it.

So that’s the shopping completed.  Tomorrow we can do some food prep, check out the Weber BBQ, put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge, have a quick tidy up inside the house, and any other small jobs that need doing.  And not have to join the crowds out getting last minute shopping – it’s a jungle out there.  Then we will be all ready for a relaxing Christmas Day on Sunday.

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Janice said...

Good to see you all organised. We've just done our final shop after work today. It wasn't too bad as I think everyone went in early to beat the rush, thus creating the rush, and left it quieter for late afternoon. Have a wonderful Christmas.