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Monday, 26 December 2016

Our Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day at home was a very laid back affair – just as we like it.  We started the day with the family tradition of croissants with ham and cheese – very yummy indeed.  The small hard frozen croissants were left out overnight and just like magic, they increased in size.  When cooked, we filled the with ham sliced off the bone, added cheese, and popped them back into the oven.

Croissants for breakfast

Our Weber BBQ was heating up and Robin prepared the skin on our pork roast to turn it in to delightful indulgent crackle before placing the meat on to cook.  He had to do a bit of surgery as he inserted the probe of the thermometer inside the meat – this tells us when the meat has reached the optimum temperature and is perfectly cooked.

That looks painful

Meanwhile, I was busy doing housewifely chores in the kitchen, doing last minute things for our Christmas lunch.

Plenty to do in the kitchen

We were joined for lunch by our caravan friends Dot and Derek, who brought along various contributions for our meal.  The veggies were cooked, Robin cut the meat, the gravy was made, and we tucked in – it was all absolutely delicious.  And then we toasted each other with a glass of bubbly.  We found just a little room for Christmas Pudding and custard, and sat and chatted, too full to move.

Cooked to perfection

Phone calls had been made, snap chat photos were posted to the cell phone showing the family having fun in Kiwitea.  Then in the late afternoon Robin’s brother, wife and daughter popped around for an hour or two, so it was great to catch up with them too.  And yes, we will be heading away in the caravan shortly, for a leisurely trip with friends.  This will give Robin the chance to show off his Christmas gift of a new coffee mug, brought all the way from England, just for him.



For all those who will be on the roads over Christmas and New Year, we wish you safe and happy travels.

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