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Friday, 9 December 2016

10 Pin Bowling with the Oldies

Several car loads from our village drove down to Paraparaumu for a pre-Christmas get-together and a night of fun.  The ladies meet regularly for lunch, but this time we invited the men out too.  We were going bowling.  Most of us had tried a game or two, but we were by no mean serious players.  But perhaps there was a bowling expert hiding amongst our group of OAPs?


We entered the building to find most of the lanes busy with serious looking players.  So we paid our fees, (pensioner discount), ordered our evening meal for after our game, and collected our bowling shoes.  After being split into two teams, we all spent a little time checking out the TV screens in  front of each lane.  It all seemed rather high-tech to me, I can remember when boys were at the end of the lanes, nimbly leaping out of the way of the balls as they quickly placed the pins back in place.  Things have certainly changed since those long ago days.  Ready or not, let the games begin!

Checking out the screens

Bowling is a very tricky business if like me, you are not a sporty person.  For instance - what ball do you choose?  I guess the different colours all meant something to the serious players, But I didn’t have a clue.  And try as I might to keep that ball rolling down the middle, just why did it usually veer off to one side?


Is this the way to do it?

Our two teams battled it out amongst themselves, some taking the game very seriously indeed.  There were several lucky enough to get a strike, while others managed to knock the ten skittles over in two bowls.  Meanwhile, to the side of us, other more experienced players really showed how it should be done, effortlessly sending that ball down with a nonchalant flick of the wrist.  Congratulations to our winners, Bruce and Graham.

Bruce and Graham, the winners

We changed back into our own shoes and retired to the café to enjoy our pre-ordered meals.  The table was set up very nicely, all ready and waiting for us to complete our game.   Plates of fish, burgers, pasta, Thai salads, soup were delivered to our table, all very tasty and reasonably priced too.  After all that exercise, some of our group decided on desserts as well.

Enjoying our meals

It was certainly a fun night, and I can see it being repeated in the future.  I’m sure some of the ladies would like another chance to knock the men off the winners podium next time. 

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