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Thursday, 8 December 2016

A little electrical work

The caravan looked rather like a bomb site.  The front squabs were off and piled on top of the bed. A little electrical work was being done in the seating area. 


Our friendly caravan buddy and electrician Selwyn was installing a new electrical power point at the base of the seating area, and Robin was his apprentice.  Selwyn explained that ordinary three strand household power cable was not allowed for caravan use because of flexing and movement.  Therefore a length of seven strand cable was purchased for the job.  Alter a while of working head down in the locker, the job was finally completed.  The power point under the table will make things easier for us both as we use our laptops while on power.  Previously both cords were hanging about across the floor ready to trip us up when we weren’t looking.

All done

Robin then had the job of installing a ply panel inside the locker, to add a little strength to the seating area as the uprights had to be drilled to thread the cable through, and secondly, to tidy up the job.  With the squabs and the table back in place the new power point was practically invisible.

But will it work?  As the caravan is not on power in it’s allotted parking space there was only one way to find out.  The red Honda generator was fired up, the power points were tested, and Selwyn gave himself a big “thumbs up”.  Everything worked as it should.

Testing, testing


Janice said...

Well done! You need to make things easy for yourselves. This will be a great improvement.

NickiJ said...

Wow, modern technology and upgrades for your caravan. Beats having to trip over your power cord.