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Monday, 5 December 2016

It’s starting to look like Christmas

Home for the weekend – so a good opportunity to put the Christmas “stuff” up.  This always starts with a trip up to the loft climbing a narrow set of pull down stairs to retrieve the Christmas crates.  Robin isn’t bothered by this excursion, but I’m always careful where I put my feet so I don’t trip and fall.  Down came the crates and we got to work.  I got busy hanging Christmas quilts and arranging decorations we had gathered over the years.

Christmas ornaments

Although we had originally decided not to hang any lights this year, Robin couldn’t help himself.  He was up the ladder before you could say “Christmas is Coming” and started hanging a string of lights up above the windows.  The command hooks, being practically invisible,  are left in situ so it’s just a matter of hooking the lights in place.


Then the tree in the front garden got a make-over.  My job was to steady the ladder, and hang on to the lights while Robin artistically threaded them through the branches.  It’s only one string of lights, but they do look festive twinkling in the darkness.

Up the ladder

After all that excitement, we fired up the Weber for our evening meal.  We hadn’t yet tried cooking a whole chicken on the BBQ before, and once again, the Weber did a great job.  While that was cooking away on the patio, and smelling wonderful, I cooked up a pan of crispy roast potatoes in the oven,  flavoured with parmesan and rosemary. 

Yummy chicken dinner

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