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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Foxton Style

Our New Year’s Eve was spent with all the other campers in the hall at Manawatu Caravan Club.  It was a fancy dress affair, no particular theme - anything goes, we were told. There was quite an assortment of beautifully dressed Flappers from the 1920s, and Moses in his robes with a wonderful wooden staff was there too.  We noticed a nurse and a doctor, a pirate, a bonny bouncing baby who was very friendly with a scruffy looking hobo, and the Pink Ladies were there too.  We were dressed as tourists having fun on their Hawaiian holiday, and Peter and Elaine were cowboy and cowgirl.

PC310023 Aloha from Robin and Jenny, and yippee-yi-yay from Elaine and Peter

PC310024Pam was pretty in pink

The entertainment for the evening was provided by the band RPM, (Rock and Pop Masters).  What a great band it was, playing pop and rock songs.  We seemed to know every single one, and sang along with gusto.  We loved the driving beat of the music, the wonderful playing by the lead guitarist, and the singers weren’t too bad either.  Songs from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis, and others from that era, we loved them all as we sang with toes tapping, getting into the fun of the evening.



We danced a little, trying not to put too much pressure on Robin’s sore knee, and jumped up onto the dance floor as soon as we heard the opening bars of my very favourite song, Ten Guitars.  Shadow Man made an appearance during the evening, following dancers on the floor and copying their movements.  Who was that masked man and how can he see, we wondered?  He was accompanied by a group of wild animals clad in their “onesies”, there was a fox, a dinosaur, and a couple of spotted leopards or maybe they were ocelots.  Whatever they were, this group was having a great time, and caused a lot of interest.

PC310039 Youngsters having fun

Shadow Man was unmasked later in the evening when I caught him outside – it was Jacob.  He told me that he had purchased his interesting outfit on-line.  The various animal onesies were also recent purchases, so the girls said, bought especially for the New Year’s festivities.

PC310041 Shadow Man unmasked

The evening rolled on and Robin popped the cork on our bottle of bubbly so we could toast the New Year.  The music keep pumping and then it was time for Auld Lang Syne with everyone getting up on the dance floor, linking hands and singing our hearts out.  It was a great finale to a wonderful evening.

PC310045 Pouring the bubbly

Happy New Year to everyone, may 2015 bring you health, happiness, and safe travels.

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