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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Just a Sticky Valve

Romany Rambler was hooked to the car last night and parked up on the spare section.  We were all ready for a quick get-away in the morning joining the commuters for a trip down to the Hutt Valley.


Our fridge had given up on us and refused to work on gas during our last rally away.  That wasn’t good at all – especially when it was only about 6 months old.  Phone calls were made, the Dometic agent was spoken to, and it was agreed that we could take our problem down to RV Dreams in Lower Hutt for a check up as the fridge is still under warranty.  Parking was at a premium in this little street, so Robin was asked to back the van up to the  doorway.  We left it behind for Rick to check it out and did a few messages.

P1290036 Outside RV Dreams

On our return a little later Robin went inside  to get the verdict.  Yes, Rick advised, he did have a little trouble lighting the fridge.  So he pulled it apart and checked out  the components.  The problem, he said,  seemed to be with a valve sticking.  With a little adjustment, the fridge works like new again.  But if the problem does reappear again, we will need to return for a replacement valve.  Luckily it was nothing major – so let’s hope it stays working as it should.  After all – there’s another trip away coming up soon.  

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