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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friends and Neighbours

We are lucky to be blessed with lovely friends and neighbours who are more than happy to step and and help when needed.  And sometimes we don’t even have to ask them – they just do it!

Earlier in the week we needed to go and collect our recent purchase from the Wairarapa when we were there the previous weekend.  We were told that our new outdoor table and chair set came in three huge cartons, so we could not take it home with us at the time.  Our neighbour Bruce happily loaned us his trailer for the day for the trip to Masterton and back.  And our caravan buddy Geoff went along with Robin to supply some extra muscle power if needed.

As it happened, our new acquisition came in only two cartons, not three at all.  But they were still bulky and the loan of the trailer was a god-send.  After a cool drink Geoff went on his way, and Robin and I decided to undo the cartons to see that we had all the necessary bits inside.  Then neighbour Bruce appeared – he’s one of those “good keen men” and he kindly offered to help us put all the pieces together. 

They worked together in the hot sun as they opened up the cartons.  The six chairs weren’t too difficult to assemble, and just needed a few screws each.  The glass topped table needed a little more thought to put together.  The table and chairs came with an instruction sheet, and all the necessary screws, washers, bolts and nuts.

P1200118 Robin and Bruce screwing the legs  on the table

P1200123All done – thanks for the help, guys

It wasn’t quite over as we had to purchase a new umbrella stand with a bigger hole (than the one we already had) to put under the table.   Then we were set, with the shady umbrella in place to keep the hot Kiwi sun off our heads we could enjoy our time outside.  As we did this morning when we had an al fresco breakfast at our new table and chair set.    Robin cooked up the weekend bacon and eggs on the barbecue and we enjoyed eating our breakfast our cosy patio area.  Check out how he does the eggs – he cuts a round hole through the bread with a glass and pops the egg inside.  That way it doesn’t run all over the place.

P1240001 Al fresco barbequed breakfast

Our friend and neighbour Dot popped in later mid morning.  We were still outside  tapping away on our laptops - luckily our wireless Wi-Fi works well outside, we discovered.  She had a wee gift for us, after slaving over a hot stove yesterday, a jar of beetroot chutney, made with her very own home grown beetroot.  How kind – and we can’t wait to try it, it looks delicious. 

P1240004 Dot with her homemade beetroot chutney

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