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Sunday, January 11, 2015

A visit to the Vet

Muffy was due for her annual check-up, vaccination  and Warrant off Fitness with the vet.  To say that we were a little concerned would be an understatement.  After all, she is a very elderly pussy cat indeed, and we knew that she already had a few health issues.  So, armed with a urine sample, we bundled her into the cat cage and off we went.

As often happens, the vet was running late, and we sat in the waiting room with Muffy in the cat cage at our feet.  Several dogs with their owners in tow wandered past, arriving for their own appointments.  The dogs took quite an interest in our cat sitting quietly in her cage, while Muffy treated them with the contempt they deserved. 

We were finally called in and Muffy was lifted up onto the stainless steel counter top.  She was poked, and prodded, her teeth and ears were  inspected and she had her tummy felt. And then, the final indignity, her temperature was taken “you know where!”  Oh dear, not at all a nice thing for this poor old girl to endure.

P1080020 Hold still, it will all be over soon

We left her behind at the vets for her to have her ears cleaned, and blood tests taken.  A couple of hours later she was ready to be collected.  The vet confirmed that yes, Muffy does have kidney problems, and some arthritis in her hips.  We knew that already from her previous examination, and although a bit of a worry, thankfully these troubles are not accelerating out of control.  Her blood tests did not bring up anything nasty, and the urine test results, although showing kidney damage, were much the same as last time.  So for her age, she is still holding her own. 

Muffy was totally whacked when we got her home and really  needed a lie down to recover.  All going well, the vet told us she won’t need to see her for another year, so that is good news.  Muffy just needs extra care, attention and plenty of cuddles these days, and at her great age, she is certainly entitled to be cosseted.

P1090027  Sleeping off the vet visit

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