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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Last Day Camping on the Strip

Although we’ve often stayed at this camp, this is the first time we found out that the area where casual campers stay was called “The Strip”.  Does that make us strippers?  Surely not - the mind boggles at the thought!  It is now almost empty at our end of The Strip.  Peter and Elaine departed for home yesterday, and Bob and Dee from the Leisureline van on our other side left this morning.

PC270009 On our own again

Our morning started with a very healthy breakfast of bran flake cereal topped with blueberries and strawberries, purchased from the Strawberry man who visits the camp every few days.  Got to love those berries – a real taste of summer.  Just add the milk and we were ready to go.

P1040004  Blueberries and strawberries for breakfast

And before we knew it, it was lunchtime.  After the hangi the previous evening, there were a lot of left overs.  The club committee decided to cook up the spuds, pumpkin and kumara on Phil’s large BBQ and have another camp get-together.  Juno got things started outside, while others were busy in the camp kitchen, cooking vegetables and slicing up the meat.  Then a large group sat down in the sunshine and enjoyed lunch together.

P1040006 Hot veggies for lunch

Foxton beach beckoned in the afternoon, and the beach looked beautiful, a long expanse of smooth sand full of families out enjoying themselves.  We took our shoes off and walked down to have a paddle.  People were frolicking in the water, and many of the youngsters had body boards to play on.  Others were trying to build sandcastles as the waves came in and washed their work away.

P1040013 Foxton Beach

Sensibly, most people were  “swimming between the flags”, watched over by the surf lifesavers on duty.  These young people give up their time to ensure the safety of the public at beaches all over the country.

P1040016 For our safety – swim between the flags

The food cart parked up in the car park was doing very steady business.  It must be ice-cream time, we decided, and enjoyed that Kiwi favourite, a hokey-pokey ice-cream, devoured as we sat down looking out over the beach.

P1040018  Selfie time at Foxton Beach

It seems to be all about eating today,  doesn’t it?  Time rolled around for our evening meal and we had the last barbecue of our holiday here at Manawatu Caravan Club grounds.   Robin cooked up ham steaks on the BBQ,  plus some prawns, while sipping a bottle of Tui beer, and I assembled the accompanying salad.  Delicious. We finished our meal with a mini pavlova each, smothered in whipped cream and topped with some more of those delightful blueberries.  Couldn’t get much better than that for our last meal of the holiday, and we have really enjoyed our stay here. 

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