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Friday, 2 January 2015

All the Fun of the Fair

There was a steady stream off people leaving camp and heading off to the fair.  It was time for us to go too, we decided.  There were people everywhere, families with youngsters, and others with their dogs.  All searching for bargains, browsing each stand, or stopping to chat with friends.  The bouncy castle always has plenty of interested children clamouring to have a turn.

P1020003  Bouncy castle

There were a couple of teenagers rolling around in those large plastic balls, bouncing into each other and having a fine old time.  Known as zorbing, the sphere is made up of two balls, one inside the other. It made of very flexible plastic, much like a stronger version of a beach ball.  People slide into the inner ball through a small opening and are held in place by straps. Thrill seekers go zorbing down slopes, the more experienced you are, the steeper the slope.

P1020009Zorbing around

I was quite keen to find a particular stall (which I remembered from last year) which sold different types of bird feeders.  At last we found it, right over the back of the fair, and made my purchase, a clever design which holds a whole apple for the birds to eat and enjoy. 

There were lots of stands crammed full of yummy things.  But….. we didn’t need to buy some of that tasty looking fudge as we still have heaps of chocolate left, and none of that delicious baking either.  There is still plenty of Christmas Cake and fruit mince pies back in the caravan.  But our self control took a tumble when we came across the donut stand, with free tastings on offer.  These were special Cook Island donuts, made from an old family recipe.  Hubby was the donut maker, we were told, and we watched as he took small pieces of dough from a great big mound, and rolled them into small balls.  These were then shaped, fried, and dusted with icing sugar.  Sold – we walked away with a bag of these tasty treats. Then it was back to camp for lunch and a delicious donut.

P1020015  Genuine Cook Island donuts

As it was the last day in camp for our camping buddies Peter and Elaine we had a farewell dinner with them at the Bowling Club restaurant.  This is just a short stroll from camp, and packed full of other campers we noticed, they were doing a roaring trade.   The meals are always delicious, and very reasonably priced.  It was battered fish for the four of us, and very tasty it was too.

P1020020 The busy restaurant kitchen

We shared a table with a local couple who were full of fun, and we had a very interesting conversation about Morris Dancers, of all things.  You either love them or think they are ridiculous, it seems.   What’s wrong with men dancing around with bells sewn onto their trousers, and waving sticks and hankies in the air, I want to know?  You can tell I'm a fan, but sadly at our table, in the minority!

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