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Monday, 5 January 2015

Relaxing at Foxton

We’ve had a nice relaxing time these last nine days at the Manawatu Caravan Club, camping on The Strip, as we now know it’s called, with Peter and Elaine.  It’s been a lot of fun too, and high lights would have to be the New Year’s Eve knees-up and the hangi.  Visitors came calling, which was lovely.  Our caravan buddies from the Wairarapa Caravan Club arrived first, Dave and Rae,   Noel  and Lynn, and they brought yummy food to share for afternoon tea too. Although  I have to admit having a bit of a clumsy-clot moment with Lynn’s home-made shortbread and dropped them all over the mat.

P1010046 Dave, Lynn, Noel, Rae, Robin, Jenny, Elaine and Peter

A day or so later  Barrie and Robyn came calling, mutual friends of the four of us.  Robyn brought more Christmas Cake, which we couldn’t say no to.

P1020019 Robyn and Barrie

There is always plenty going on in camp, with people coming and going.  The Strawberry Man made several trips around the camp, ringing his bell to let us know he had arrived.  We purchased several lots of strawberries from him, and were pleased when he decided to offer cream for sale as well.  You just can’t have a plate of strawberries without cream, can you?  With ice-cream too, as Robin would say.

P1020018 All set for dessert

One morning we had a visit from the local Surf Life Saving Club.  We were more than happy to help out with their fundraising and put a little something in their donation box.  They do such a good job keeping our beaches safe, and Robin can certainly relate to them.  Way back in the distant past he was a surf lifesaver himself at Oakura Beach, in New Plymouth.  Then a few days later we saw them on duty down at the beach.

P1020002 Surf Lifesavers came to camp

P1040014On duty at the beach

The amenities of the club are kept in tip top condition by Neil, the hard working manager who is always ready to stop for a brief chat as he goes about his busy day.  (I couldn't help myself and just had to use the laundry facilities several times.)  And the members are very friendly and always ready to pass the time of day.  The four of us were wandering around the camp one evening, and stopped to admire some gladioli and Christmas lilies.  I remarked that Robin’s Mum had Christmas lilies on her casket on the day of her funeral.  Elizabeth must have overheard me, and she came out and gave me a baby lily in a pot.  What a lovely kind gesture, and we will find it a special place in the garden at home. 

P1020017 From Elizabeth, a baby lily

We enjoyed barbecues together, a meal out at the Foxton Bowling Club restaurant, morning teas and fourzees together, and plenty of time relaxing under our sun shade.  There was no way we wanted to drive long distances on the roads at this time of year, so it all worked out well.  

P1030002Norfolk Pine at entrance to the camp

We’re home now, the caravan is unpacked and cleaned,so we’re all ready for the next trip away.  Which won’t be a very long wait at all. 

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