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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Meeting the Crew from Waka Huia

We spent a fun afternoon yesterday getting to know Marilyn and David from nb Waka Huia.  While their boat is wintering over in good old Blighty, Marilyn and David are here enjoying a very hot New Zealand summer.  They have settled not far from us, and as blog readers, it seemed a good opportunity to make contact.  Yesterday, together with Geoff and Eileen, we were invited to pop in for afternoon tea.

It was very pleasant sitting out in the garden under the shady sun umbrella.  We could see the evidence of the recent garden working bee when trees were removed, others severely pruned back.  Birds were singing, and we all did our New Zealand version of the Australian Wave to keep a few pesky flies away from our afternoon tea. 

P1260008 Marilyn and David in the back garden

There was plenty to talk about.  Narrow boats and canal trips of course, Geoff and Eileen’s various excursions over the years and our one and only memorable  trip up the Llangollen Canal.  Onto caravanning and solar panels.  Then somehow or other, the conversation turned to toilets – pump-outs, cassettes, and composting loos. 

I was intrigued by Marilyn’s collection of cows which were displayed in the kitchen glasshouse window.  Such a lot, and all different.
P1260013 Just look at this beauty
P1260015 Colourful cows all in a row

Then, Marilyn admitted to other collections as well.  Chooks were lined up by the back door, and she took me inside to see some of her precious indoor chickens.  These ones were purchased overseas and carefully carried back on the return flight home.

P1260017 Hello, chooky

After reading about nb Waka Huia’s canal adventures, it was really lovely for the four of us to meet up with them both.  At the end of our long hot summer, Marilyn and David plan to liberate their pride and joy from the marina and head off for even more trips and adventures. 

P1260018 So nice to meet you both

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Marilyn McDonald said...

It was lovely meeting you guys as well, and we look forward to seeing you again before too long.
Very impressed with your photos of the livestock! But I didn't realise how short I look in the skirt, Jenny, and the side on look is only attractive on slender young things obviously! Cheers, M