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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bounty from the Garden

For a couple of non gardeners, we are really enjoying seeing the veggie garden grow and produce.  It’s amazing really, just how much we have in our small raised gardens.  The tomatoe plants are growing like crazy, and small green tomatoes are starting to form.  We are eating our own fancy frilly lettuce – how nice it is to go out and pick some leaves for a salad.  And did we (proudly) mention the peas?  Robin sowed just a row or two and we have enjoyed several meals of freshly picked peas.

P1100029 Home grown peas

Something we are really looking forward to is the passion fruit.  The vine is covered in lots of fruit, so it is just a matter of time until they darken and ripen.  Yummy – perhaps we will eat them with some ice-cream!  We really didn’t know how the passion fruit vine would grow when we first planted it, but it seems to be doing very well.

P1100030Plenty of passion fruit on the vine

Our rhubarb is also doing very well and growing like triffids.  Must be that pony poo we dug into the soil a while ago.  It now looks like this.  So I cut some stalks today,and we had rhubarb and custard for dessert tonight.

P1100031 From this

P1130007To this

We received several young beetroot plants from Derek, and popped them in the garden too.  The beetroot has also been growing well, and we have already harvested a few.  I’ve never cooked beetroot before - doesn’t it come out of cans? But on looking through my trusty Edmonds Cookbook I soon found out what to do.

P1130001 Home grown and home cooked beetroot

So we are really pleased with our efforts in the garden and have given ourselves a pat on the back.  Wonder what we can plant next? 

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Very impressive gardening! Not sure if you like it, but roasted beetroot is yummy - just peel, chop into quarters and roast alongside other veges - probably best in its own pan as it bleeds ...
Love your photo at Huatoki Domain - I grew up just up the hill from there in Doralto Rd.
Looking forward to catching uo with you two and Geoff and Eileen next week, if that works for all of you.
Cheers, Marilyn