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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Muffy loves Camping too

Our cat Muffy really seems to enjoy coming away in the caravan with us.  Now she is getting on in years she is getting a little fearful of the big wide world and is not too keen on venturing outside these days.  But the caravan is small and cosy enough for her to feel comfortable and secure, and as far as she is concerned, she can see exactly where we are.  Not like our home, where we can disappear around corners into different rooms, and she doesn’t know where we are and starts to cry and goes looking for us.  It is quite sad really, to see her so upset. 

Muffy loves the attention of being groomed, and lies contentedly on my lap as I wield the comb.  She happily lies on her back to let me comb her tummy, then gets turned this way and that so I can complete the job.

P1160028 Muffy with her legs in the air

P1160031 All done and the harness buckled back on

Muffy may well be a fair age now, but she has just taught herself a new caravan trick.  She jumped up onto the top of the vanity unit and meowed until one of us turned the tap on.  Then she put her front paws in the basin and lapped up the water.  How did she even know that water came out of the tap, we wondered, and she always has water available in her bowl.  She never does this at home.

P1180002 Muffy’s new trick

She won’t have too long to wait until she has another trip away in the caravan with us.  What a lucky cat – and we are lucky that she travels so well.

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