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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

RIP Bonnie

Yesterday Robin’s Mum was laid to rest, as family and friends gathered in Paraparaumu to farewell her.  At 91 years she had enjoyed a good innings, but sadly, her health and mobility deteriorated over the last few years.  But her four children were all at her side in the final hours.  We suspect that Bonnie held on till daughter Kaye flew in from Vietnam, and they were able to spend the last few days together.

The family gathered together in the afternoon, and cooked up a barbecue for the evening meal.  The young ones are growing up fast, there seemed to be a whole bunch of glamorous young ladies and good looking young men in the younger generation.  It was a good opportunity to take plenty of family photos.

Many thanks to all who sent messages of condolences, they were much appreciated.

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