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Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Rally Part 2

This year our Caravan Club Christmas Rally was held in school grounds of Peter Chanel School, Otaki.  Sharing the grounds are several historic buildings, including the lovely old timber church St Mary’s Catholic Church, pictured here  between two large pohutakawa trees.  Pukekaraka Catholic Mission was founded in 1844 by French priests.  This is one of the few marae in the country that is not associated with any particular tribe, so is open to everyone.  You can just see the new extension  (completed in 1992) attached to the left of the original church.   We have enjoyed caravan rallies here in the past, and it is always such a very pleasant and peaceful place to come to.

PC130003 St Mary’s Catholic Church

The wheel and stone were once part of the Pukekaraka Flour Mill which was erected about 1854 under the direction of Father Comte, and stood on the bank of the Waitohu River.  These historical artefacts were donated by the current owner of the property for erection on the site of the Pukekaraka Mission.

PC130004 Old wheel and mill stone

There is always excitement when someone turns up with a new caravan.  Or in this case, a brand new motor-home.  Sandy and Bea are the proud owners of “Chez nous”, an Autotrail Tribute. There was a steady stream of people knocking on their door all weekend wanting to have a look inside.  And very nice it is too. We wish them many more happy years of travels and rallies.

PC130009 Sandy and Bea’s new home away from home

We couldn’t have a Christmas rally  without a Christmas Mince Pie or two for morning tea on Sunday.  Elaine warmed them up in the oven and offered the tray  around to the members.

PC140020 Help yourself to a mince pie

It was a rally of two Birman cats over the weekend.  Young Honey is full of beans and can’t wait to get outside and go exploring.  She is so inquisitive it is just as well that she is safety tethered on her long lead, or goodness knows where she would end up.  She had several trips outside and enjoyed checking us all out, and getting her lead tangled as she walked in and out of our folding chairs.  

PC130008 Honey with Dot

Our old girl Muffy isn’t too keen on coming outside any more, she much prefers the security of being inside her very own caravan.  Now she is getting on in years, the outside world has turned into a scary place.  She joined us mid morning but didn’t really want to be there at all, so after a short time we took her back inside again.  Sleeping on her rug inside the caravan is much more to her taste.  Strangely enough, Muffy and Honey have not yet met, we wonder what they will think of each other when they do?

PC140022 Muffy cuddled up to the Santa cushion in the caravan

Most of us stayed on for lunch on Sunday.  The weather had warmed up considerably, and we settled for shade while we munched on our sandwiches.  It was a great rally, the last for the year.  But it won’t be long till it all starts again in January. 

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