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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

60s Up Christmas BBQ

What a busy old time we’ve been having over the last week or so - it’s been one Christmas break-up meeting after another lately.  Today was our last get-together of the year with the 60s Up group, we met in the local Cossie Club for a Christmas BBQ.  And wouldn’t you know, the heavens opened last night and still hasn’t stopped raining.  Luckily the man in charge of cooking on the BBQ had it all set up outside under an awning.  It was a one man operation and he was kept busy turning the sausages and meat patties, cooking the onions and succulent ham steaks and pineapple rings.

PC100001 Cooking up a storm

When the cooking was completed, we moved from the bar to the dining room.  After organising ourselves into tables,  it was self service for lunch, with several different  salads to accompany our BBQed meat.  The chatter soon stopped as everyone tucked into their meals.  We wondered if we were getting dessert – perhaps a Christmas Mince Pie to nibble?  Even better, we enjoyed a mini pavlova, fruit salad and cream, yummy!

PC100003 Derek, Robin, Jenny and Dot at the 60s Up Christmas BBQ

I don’t know what they did to deserve special treatment, but our President Connie walked up to our table with an extra dessert each for “the boys”.  There was no way they were going to refuse such an offer, was there?  Just look at those cheeky grins.

PC100004 Extra desserts, just for the boys

The rain had eased a little as we picked our way carefully through the puddles in the car park.  What’s this?  Looks like someone is looking for a new partner.

PC100005 Seen in the car park

It was a great morning, a nice meal, and lovely to spend time with friends.  We thanked the President for giving us a great year of outings and entertainment and look forward to catching up with club members again in the New Year and starting all over again. 

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fabriquefantastique said...

Hi Robin and Jenny
I often want to comment but blogger is playing up!
I am coming to NZ again Jan / Feb, two weeks in Keri Keri and a month in Nelson. Make sure the weather is fine for me