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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Lights

Our Christmas Village snow scene twinkles away on the dresser every evening.  With lights in the windows of the grand houses and people out on their sleds in the snow and ice, it is very pretty indeed.  But not what we actually experience here for a New Zealand Christmas.  Maybe it would be nice to experience a real White Christmas just once, then I think we would be happy to get back to sun, beaches,  BBQs and camping.

PC100006 Snow scene

Our Christmas lights outside are quite modest, just a few strings here and there along the fence line.  And with our spiral rope Christmas Tree tucked under the eaves, our little contribution gives a bit of Christmas cheer to the village.  Extra lights criss-cross behind the fence in the small patio area.

PC190025 Just a few lights outside

After waiting for darkness to fall, we drove around to see some other local decorated homes.   Cars pulled up, families disgorged, and excited kids kept finding something new to look at.  The home owners happily chatted away and numbers rolled off their tongues as they related how many strings of lights, bulbs and multiboxes it took to do their respective light shows.  Sadly, they have to be vigilant, as it is not unknown for unscrupulous people to try to make off with part of the display. 





These large displays, although beautiful to see, must  take an awful lot of time and effort.  Our display is very modest compared to these, but we certainly enjoy seeing them twinkle away each evening. 

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Katie said...

What excellent photos! I find my Christmas light photos are never very good. :-)