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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Lights – camera – action!

It’s been an afternoon of climbing up and down ladders today for Robin, stringing the Christmas lights outside. Two sizes of ladders were needed for this important task.  Our tall step ladder was needed when he strung lights across the front of the house, using plastic clips to hold the string of lights along the top of the guttering.


No ladder was needed to put lights up along the top of the fence.


Then it was time for the small step ladder as he added various strings along the inside of the fence and criss crossing across the patio area.  I followed him around with my camera, taking photos while he was hard at work in the hot sun.  


A quick test run to make that all the lights worked, and then we can turn them on properly in the dusk.  We don’t go overboard with the lights,  just enough to give a bit of sparkle and Christmas cheer in the evenings.

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