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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bavarian Music in the Village Car-park

The sound of music was coming from the RV car-park – what was going on?  So I walked around the corner to have a look.  It was the Levin Social Band made up of Edward on cornet, the leader Paul on digital trumpet, neighbour Eddie on violin, and Brian on drums.  Eddie wanted to test how long his motor-home battery would last with two of the instruments plugged into the power.

PC110036 The Levin Social Band

Back home I went to collect my folding chair, and I joined the elite group of neighbours sitting in front of the motor-homes, who had come along to enjoy the music.

PC110037Here to enjoy the music

The four piece band has only been playing together for a year, and their repertoire is mostly catchy Bavarian tunes and polkas.  Band leader Paul was playing a digital trumpet, something I had never seen before.  There are not many of these around, Paul told me.

PC110038 Paul and his digital trumpet

We sat with our toes tapping as the band played on.  There was a complete change of pace when they played “Can’t help loving you”, sung by Elvis in the film Blue Hawaii.  It was so beautiful,  I was enthralled  – how did they know I was an Elvis fan?  Then with a last polka to finish off the session, the band packed up their instruments and headed off home.  What a lovely musical interlude it was, thanks guys.

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