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Monday, 28 April 2014

While we were away……

After ten days away in the caravan, we arrived home and caught up with what has been happening courtesy of the two local community newspapers.  Unbeknown to us, while we were battling severe wind and rain on our trip to Woodville, things were no better at all back in our home town.

The headlines such as “Deluge Hits”, and “Cyclone’s tail slams Horowhenua” tell of flash flooding through properties, motorists stranded, and blocked storm water drains all adding to the problem.  And a visit to The Big Egg today to collect some more free-range eggs showed that this property too had been quite badly affected.  A whole line of fence had been blown down, trees damaged, but no chicken calamities, we were told by the owner.  Unlike the previous storm, he related, when the chickens got spooked in their barn as the door blew in, rushed away to the far corner on  the building, and many of them got smothered.  This time, they owners were ready and prepared when the winds got up, took their tool kits and made sure everything was secure in the barns.  Guess it doesn’t take too much to spook a chicken.


And in our village the only damage was a shed blown over, leaves blown off trees everywhere, and a power cut.    No wonder the radio had mysteriously turned itself on, and the clock on the stove was flashing away like a maniac.  We got off quite lightly, I think.

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