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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Where are the Easter Eggs?

Yesterday some of us went for a walk up the country road.  Cattle grazing on the hillside watched us with interest – they probably don’t often see a posse of townies wandering up the road.

P4190045 Keeping a watchful eye on the walkers

We came across a tree festooned with plastic milk containers.  Wonder what they were for?  Maybe they were bird feeders, or perhaps containers to catch insects, or maybe some kind of rural ritual?  Whatever the reason it certainly looked strange.

P4190043 Growing milk containers

The entertainment for the evening was Table Truck Racing, a variation of the race horse game.  The dining room table was taped up into sections, we were put into teams and the dice was rolled to see how many squares each truck could move.  After our team had been soundly beaten in three games, we managed to have two wins in succession.

P4190046 The trucks are racing

Early on Easter Sunday we checked outside but the Easter Bunny hadn’t called and left us an Easter Egg or two on our caravan door steps – mores' the pity!  It’s just lucky that we we remembered to pack a couple of our own to take away with us.  But this has now been remedied.  During morning tea, the Rally Family presented us all with our very own Easter Egg.  And another plate of Hot Cross Buns was passed around for us to enjoy, very tasty thanks.

Now, what would you call this cute little fellow?  We were tasked with giving him a name.  The ideas were coming thick and fast, with everything from Randy Rooster, to Kentucky Fried.

P4200002 He’s a rooster – what is that foil wrapped egg doing there?

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