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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

On the TV News again

Does anyone want our autograph?  We only ask, as once again, we made the TV news.  With the election coming up later in the year, the Opposition was throwing out ideas in the hope of attracting new voters.  They proposed cancelling all registration fees for light trailers and caravans, if they get into power.  The TV1 news team used footage which was filmed in February while we were attending the Caravan and Motor Home Show at Mystery Creek. 

We have to confess to being TV3 news watchers, so didn’t know this was on until we received a couple of texts from friends.  Luckily we could watch the delayed news broadcast to see our caravan fleetingly on TV screens once again.  My trusty camera captured these images from the TV tonight.  Being forewarned I had time to be prepared.   

P4150019 Romany Rambler on the left and fellow campers (not us) enjoying Happy Hour

P4150018Jenny with her trusty pink laundry bucket

Now, can someone tell us how to go about collecting royalties from TV1 for all this  coverage?  We may be in for quite a windfall, perhaps!

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