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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Harvest Time

The days are getting shorter, the mornings have that nippy feel to them, we have definitely had a change of season.  The particular part of paradise where we live in the Horowhenua Region has many market gardens and we stopped to look at one of the farmers starting to harvest his onion crop.  We were surprised when Mr Google told us that the onion industry is the country’s third largest horticultural export crop, with onions being exported to Europe, the United Kingdom,  and Asia and the Pacific Islands. The onions had been pulled out of the ground and laid out neatly in rows to dry with the tops and roots of the onion plant removed.  Once dry, bulbs will be transported to the pack house for  grading.

P3310016 Tasty onions as far as the eye can see

Grapes are another local crop almost ready for harvest and this lot are growing alongside SH1.  The vines are smothered in netting to keep the hungry birds away from the juicy grapes.

P4030019 Grapes almost ready for harvest

We are still trying to find our way around the local area and discovered a previously unexplored road today.  Where will it take us, we wondered, as we trundled uphill along  the narrow windy country road.  Driving past rural properties and small holdings, we came across a paddock full of alpacas.  Continuing on our way, we drove around a few more corners before joining up with  SH1 again and headed back to home.

P4030023  Alpacas in the country

Daylight Saving ends this weekend so the clocks will be going back one hour.  Our lovely long twilight evenings are coming to an end.

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