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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Come Inside

Arriving at the Taupo NZMCA park we noticed that the bulk of the area had been fenced off.  No doubt because it was boggy and the powers that be were hoping that if vans stayed off those areas, it would more easily dry out.  Vans and motor-homes, both large and small, were all parked into the area closest to the road, but there was still plenty of room for any late arrivals. 

P4220001 Parked at Taupo Airport NZMCA park

The first people we saw there were Derek and Lynn from the Wainuiomata Caravan Club.  “Come on inside when you are ready”, they invited, “the kettle will be on”.  What a nice welcome that was.  Once we had found a site and settled in, the four of us wandered over for a cuppa and a chin-wag.  The pair of them were off on a well earned break from parish duties, and had been presented with a basket of home baked goodies to take away by one of their parishioners.  We have plenty of caravan friends in common, so had a good old catch-up, a cuppa and a home baked cookie, while we put the world to rights.

Robin remembered opening the cover over the gas bottle earlier in the day to remind him to turn it off.  But being Murphy’s Law, he had forgotten to go back and complete this task, and driven off.  Of course, the cover was long gone, and now we had a hole!  That won’t do at all, will it.  Out came the tape measure, and a visit to the appropriate shop is on the cards for a replacement screw in top.

P4220006 Never unscrew the lid then drive off, Robin has discovered

The helicopters over the road always make a racket, and the motors seem to run for quite some time.  It doesn’t bother us, nor do the planes coming and going from the airport.  It’s all part of parking so close and there is always something to watch.  One of our neighbours told us that his dog had never seen a helicopter before, and didn’t really know what to make of these noisy machines.  Perhaps he was just frightened of the noise.

Muffy takes most things in her stride, noisy helicopters included.  She found the outside locker door open during one of her brief visits outside, and happily spend some time making an inspection of the contents.

P4220004 Muffy in the locker

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