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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Behind the Scenes at the Vets

It was too good an opportunity to pass by.  Our vet practise Levin and Horowhenua Vets was having an Open Day to celebrate their 75th Birthday, and visitors were invited to a peek behind the scenes.  We joined the crowds and walked through the doors out to the back area where all the mystery happens to our pets. 


First up was all we ever needed to know about worms.  There were graphic pictures on the walls, and jars with worms both big and little for the brave ones to inspect.  The message was to ensure all animals are wormed regularly, both pets and farm stock. Then we were shown some rather strange objects on the table.  Did you know that cows can suffer from hair balls?  They certainly can, and what a size they can get to!  The ones we saw were tightly packed fat sausages about 6 inches long.  Much too gross to show photos.

The preparation area was set up with an animal (in reality a soft toy) being given anaesthetic before undergoing a procedure.

P4050034 Prep area

Then it was through to the operating theatre with yet another toy animal showing how things are done.  Ooops, we were told, this one hasn’t made it, there is no heartbeat registered on the machine.

P4050038 Operating theatre

The x-ray room was interesting too.  We were intrigued to see a row of thyroid shields hanging up, a very necessary accessory in this area, we were told.  Staff were on hand in all areas to explain procedures to the public.

P4050039 X-ray area
P4050040Thyroid shields for protection

Some of the staff had brought their own pets along too.  We admired Tim and Tam, twin hand reared Perendale/Pitt Island cross sheep.

P4050041 Tim and Tam

P4050047 Goats belonging to another staff member

On arrival we were given vouchers for a free coffee, and gladly collected our caffeine fix, then Robin supported the SPCA Sausage Sizzle tent.

P4050049 Sausage, onions, smothered in sauce all wrapped in bread please

The festivities were just about ready to take place so we went back inside the building.  The VIP related the long history of the practice, then cut the 75th birthday cake.  After this first official cut was made, the female members of staff took over this very important job, and in next to no time,  the visitors had all been served a slice of cake.  75 years is certainly something to celebrate.

P4050054 Cutting the cake

As we had purchased a packet of Frontline flea treatment for Muffy, our names went into the draw for a prize.  And would you believe it – Robin’s name was called out as the winner.  We took home a selection of goodies, wondering what we would be doing with it all.

P4050056 The lucky draw

Muffy is now using the fancy double set of bowls, and the voucher for discount off another packet of Frontline will come in handy.  The other bits and pieces are all for dogs, including a huge dog bed, a collar and lead.  We are storing these away in the meantime.  Grand-daughter Emma has often talked of getting a retired greyhound for a pet, so these items would come in handy.  The dog food has been donated to our neighbours dog Becky, as owner Bruce has been very helpful lately to Robin with building jobs.  Hope Becky enjoys her new doggy food.

P4060057 Becky is always ready to play ball

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